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About Devin

An artist interested in multiple musical directions and one who strives for quality and sincerity in his work. His exciting energy has compelled him towards many different musical directions and projects. Considered by his contemporaries as cutting edge, Gray shows promise as an artist that will not only move the music forward, but one who will share his unique musical vision with the world of music.

Devin Gray’s fresh approach to modern drumming has enabled him to play with many of the worlds great jazz musicians. He has performed and recorded with innovative musicians of contrasting styles and backgrounds such as: David Liebman, Tony Malaby, Gary Thomas, Ingrid Jensen, Dave Burrell, Dave Ballou, Michael Formanek, Nate Wooley, Stephan Crump, George Garzone, Chris Speed, Drew Gress, Sam Rivers, Ralph Alessi, John O’Gallagher, Ellery Eskelin, Kris Davis, Ted Rosenthal, Matt Mitchell, Satoko Fujii, Uri Caine, Andrew D’Angelo, Vardan Ovsepian, Angelica Sanchez, as well as many others.

Devin has been fortunate to perform in many places around the globe. He is a top call young drummer in many modern jazz circles in New York City. Current leader projects include two quartets: “Dirigo Rataplan” featuring Ellery Eskelin, Dave Ballou, and Michael Formanek, and “RelativE ResonancE” featuring Chris Speed, Kris Davis, and Chris Tordini. He is currently living, playing, and composing in Brooklyn, New York.


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What People Are Saying…

“As a drummer, Gray is simultaneously tight and loose: tight in that regardless of whether he is sitting in the pocket, playing out of time or splashing color, everything is controlled and deliberate; loose in that he always sounds relaxed, easy and natural – it’s as if he’s not even working.”
-Chris Robinson’s Music and Culture Blog

“Devin Gray is amazing with his commanding mastery of the drums. He pushes his cymbals softly and splashes fire from his sticks.”
– Dr. Ana Isabel Ordonez, Jazzreview.com

“drummer Devin Gray has built an impressive resume and a well- deserved reputation as both an improviser and instrumentalist. His first CD as a leader, Dirigo Rataplan shows that he is not a slouch in the composition or bandleader department either.”
-Hrayr Attarian, All About Jazz

“It’s also worth noting that Gray and Grip get right inside these grooves, giving them a convincing heaviness — Gray’s drumming in particular is both driving and mercurial, providing just enough lift to keep things interesting.”
– Daniel Spicemer, One Final Note

”Devin Gray is a swinging, sensitive, and interactive drummer who plays with a lot of spirit.”
– NYC pianist Ted Rosenthal (tedrosenthal.com)

“It is still rare to encounter a drummer w/this level of compositional skill. All pieces are by Gray.
-TTintle WRUV Reviews

“Devin Gray possesses an ear for unusual and beautiful sounds, as well as the facility, musicality and groove to convey these sounds to his very fortunate bandmates and audiences.”
NYC pianist Jon Ballantyne (www.jonballantyne.com)

“A well-rounded instrumentalist, Gray’s approach to directing a band from behind a trap-set avoids the typical pitfalls that hamper many similar drummer-led efforts. Devoid of pyrotechnic flash, Gray’s sensitivity to tone, texture and nuance is one of his greatest assets
-Troy Collins, Point of Departure